20.000 views + announcement!

Flickr screenshot, more than 20.000 views!

To celebrate my 20.000+ views, I will create an album called Free to use (Creative Commons).

What does it mean?

The images are under the license Attribution 3.0

What does that mean?

Basically that you can use any of these photos as long as you give me credit for the work (name, link)

Example photos:

Karlskrona lighthouse Warning Fence in Karlshamn My first silhouette ever A pen Strandpromenaden #2


I will also start post some photos byt the by-nc-nd, which is:
1) Give me credit (name, link)
2) No use in commercial purposes
3) Do not alter (edit) the photo)

More info

That's it!

Edit: I'll give a shootout to one of my favorite photographer (he's from Sweden) Håkan Dahlström This two entries inspired me (1 and 2) Check him out :)

Flickr bild

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Två småtråkiga inlägg, kanske. Men var tvungen att fira min bild som har 200 visningar (37 kommentarer och 25 favorit-markeringar):)

Nu hinner jag inte skriva något eftersom vi ska implementera efter Dijkstra's algoritm.

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